I've Been Tagged

Lisa tagged me with the 7 random things meme. I've been slow to play along since I've done this one before, but I thought I could certainly find 7 more random things to share. You can find the rules and my first 7 things here.

  1. My right foot is bigger than my left foot. Exciting huh?

  2. I've been either pregnant or nursing for over four years now.

  3. I don't like syrup on my waffles.

  4. I do like syrup on my pancakes.

  5. I used to have a pierced nose.

  6. Back in my college days, I studied abroad in Costa Rica.

  7. I once met Marc Summers, the host of Double Dare. Anyone remember that show?

As a side note, I just checked the spelling of Marc Summers and learned that Double Dare was ranked #29 out of the 50 Greatest Game Shows of all time. Ooh, now I'm practically famous since my 10-year-old self shook his hand and got his autograph.

Read about my famous friend Marc's show here.

Clearly, I need a hobby.

That's it for now. Thanks for tagging me Lisa.

Oh, and since I'm being a lazy mama lately, I'm not going to specifically tag anyone. So, if you're reading this and have a blog, consider yourself tagged. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know you played along. If you do, I'll be sure to visit.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I remember Double Dare!! I figured up the other day that I have been pregnant during all of the last 7 calendar years. No wonder I'm so tired!

Kelsey said...

I remember double dare too and always wanted to be on it! ha Great facts I might have to do that later on:)
Kelsey Smith

HRH said...

So according to the six degrees theory, I might be famous too since I read your blog and you shook the hand of Marc?

Seriously, what do you have against syrup? It's yummy.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Hey Full Hearts and Hands Mama,

Fun on the Marc-famous connection. Now if it had been Ryan Seacrest or SIMON, I would be begging for your autograph!

I think it's something like 95% of people have a larger right foot and longer right leg. Just FYI. I've got a bigger left foot, and, yep, a longer left leg. Oh, and Downs Syndrome palm creases. So enjoy your large right foot!!

Lisa said...

I hope it's real maple syrup on those pancakes ;)
Great facts--I'd love to hear about Costa Rica!

dcrmom said...

I do NOT like syrup on my pancakes. I love syrup on my waffles. :-)