All the Time I Need

I just started reading a new book. I noticed that in the dedication (don't you always read these?) the author thanks a friend. Specifically she thanks the friend for reminding her that "I have all the time I need to do what God has called me to do."

So true.

Apparently there are days around here when God doesn't call me to take a shower or go to the bathroom without a munchkin underfoot.

However, there always seem to be plenty of opportunities to snuggle with my little ones.

Good thing they don't seem to care if I stink.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Amen! Great thought for me day when I'm feeling pressured to get something done that I didn't plan to do today (and doesn't NEED to be done today).

Lisa said...

When I get back from hot yoga just dripping in sweat (literally), my older daughter is pushing me to the shower ;)
Fantastic message!