Truer Words Were Never Spoken

Or printed on a t-shirt.

I'll give you one guess as to who wears this shirt.

Yup. That's right. Little Man.

And here is the proof that this shirt should belong to him.

This is Little Man attempting to squeeze between the stair posts ON THE SECOND FLOOR. And that is why you see a piece of wood fastened to the post.

Before his daddy attached the wood, Little Man was able to squeeze half his little body through the posts. Then he screamed because (thankfully) he couldn't get the rest of his torso through the posts.

Ah, the mind of a two-year-old boy is fascinating, and I must say, a bit foolish.

It's no wonder my daily prayers for this little guy focus so much on safety. And, of course, that he'd grow in wisdom.


Lisa said...

What a little cutie!
And I loved the shirt.

HRH said...

Yes, I found my two year old jumping off his brother's bunk bed (top bunk) the other day. OMG! What are we supposed to do to get these kids through the day ALIVE?

Christine @ Serenity How? said...

What a great shirt. I could probably use that one for myself LOL! I'm such a klutz.

Your son is adorable. You are truly blessed.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments. I've enjoyed reading yours as well. :)