It's Probably My Fault

I foolishly washed the kids' winter coats. I thought I could store them in bins in the basement, because, you know, it is April.

That is probably why we have a chance of snow and a high of 44 degrees predicted for Saturday.

If you live in the Midwest, I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

No, it's my fault. I started shopping for bathing suits and shorts for my daughter. Oh well, at least the sun is kind of out today....

Kelly @ Love Well said...


I just checked our forecast. We might end up with 8 inches of snow on the ground by Friday night.

Is spring slow in coming this year, or is it just me?

Deidre said...

I bought a bathing suit for my 6 year old yesterday and told my husband I was probably jinxing hte spring weather. We're having temps in the 30s on Sunday. Ugh!