A Little Bit of Random

We're almost there.  Summer break is just around the corner.  In just two days my little man will be finished with kindergarten.  The next day my sweet oldest daughter will be finished with first grade.  It's been a good year.  My children are ending the year liking school every bit as much, if not more than when they started.  They've both worked so hard and I know they're looking forward to a slower pace this summer.

Our little princess also worked hard this year.  She would have gladly gone to school more than five hours a week.  The only thing she liked more than school was dance class.  If ever a child liked performing, it's our  youngest daughter. Now she tells us she wants to play soccer.  Her siblings remind her that she can't wear a skirt on the field.  She looks at them as if to say, "We'll see about that!"

This past weekend marked the end of Ann's soccer season.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of watching her play.  I surprised both Tony and myself when I found myself jumping up in excitement many times as Ann came close to scoring a goal.  Soccer was my sport so I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that I get a little excited. As Tony laughed at me, I pointed out that I was getting excited about a game our own child was in and I've seen him yell at games on a television screen many, many times.  He still laughed at me, but I like to think he saw my point.

For some reason, I'm having the hardest time believing that my little man will soon be finishing kindergarten.  Perhaps it's the fact that Ann is only one year ahead of him in school.  It hasn't been that long since she finished Kindergarten and here we are watching another one of our children say hello to first grade.  It all makes me want to tell time to slow down already!

 Chris enjoyed taking an art class in April.

Though I can't make a minute or an hour any longer than it is, I can certainly determine to enjoy it.  On that note, I'm looking forward to enjoying as many moments as possible this summer.  I'm also hoping many of those moments are spent by the pool or with a book in hand while reading aloud to my children.  

Happy Summer!