Because I'm Nervous

This was supposed to be a post about my eyes. I was going to start out reminiscing about the first time I got glasses and how I was excited because the popular girl in seventh grade also wore glasses.

The post was then going to transition into the time where I decided glasses weren't as fun as I had originally thought. I might have described the first time I got contacts and then the sadness I felt when I could no longer wear them.

However, that post isn't going to happen.

In less than an hour, I'll begin the process of having surgery so that I will hopefully not have to wear glasses! I feel a bit vain about getting this done, but we should save money in the long run so, why not!?

I was going to write the eye post this morning. Instead, I waited in the pediatrician's office with two of my children. One was extremely wild and then other has an ear infection. I feel a bit of guilt leaving a sick child, not to mention two others with excessive amounts of energy, while I go to get my eye surgery. However, I suppose that is life.

I still haven't posted my daughter's one-year letter and she is almost 13-months. That will have to wait as well since I've been told it might be hard to see up close for a few days.

So, I suppose I'm just rambling and getting rid of nervous energy. I also feel a little silly asking for prayers for something that is more or less optional cosmetic surgery, but if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe pray that all would go well and that my children would be nothing but sweet for my mom?

Thanks and Happy Friday!


Kind of Defeats the Sanitary Pacifier Purpose

As I grabbed a cart and looked at my children, I realized our shopping trip should have ended ten minutes earlier and we hadn't even crossed one item off our list!

I'll spare you the gory details.

Anyways, as we headed to the checkout, I realized that we were missing Jane's pacifier. Of course we were. Is there a better way to end a shopping trip gone sour than to listen to a tired one-year-old fuss all the way home? I think not.

We made a quick detour back to Target's baby section. I quickly surveyed the pacifiers and excitedly grabbed a new variety.

Playtex now sells a 2-pack of pacifiers with a little sterilizing cup. It kind of made me all warm and fuzzy to buy my sweet third-born something that first-time moms would swoon over.

I thought of what a good mom I was for looking out for her well-being.

A couple of hours later, after I'd sterilized the pacifier, I caught myself picking it up off my floor and handing it to her. Keep in mind that I would never publicly admit how long it has been since I mopped my floor.

I had high hopes. It turns out I'm still a mom who brushes the dirty pacifier off on her jeans and calls it good.

Scratch that. I'm now the mom who has a cute little pacifier sterilizer and still brushes the dirty pacifier off on her jeans and calls it good.

Oh well, I'll just think of the immune system I'm helping her build!


Like a Good Neighbor (With an Update About my Earring)

I couldn't resist that title, though this post has nothing to do with car insurance.

This morning I noticed that the answering machine was flashing. I realized that someone must have called after we went to bed.

Since we were all in bed asleep before 10, it was certainly possible someone had called.
(Do we know how to have fun on a Friday night or what!?)

Sure enough, my neighbor had called.

She had read this post and called to offer any tools or help we might need in order to retrieve my earring.

First, my husband was spending his Friday night searching for my earring in one yucky drain. Then, my neighbor called to offer her assistance!

I guess I better add "fantastic neighbors" under "best husband ever" on my long list of blessings!
Well, that and the fact that my sweet hubby FOUND MY EARRING!


I Do Believe He Loves Me

My favorite pair of earrings are also my oldest. They are tiny diamonds.

They make up for their small size by being extremely sentimental to me.

My mom gave them to me the day I graduated from high school. She has since given me many other gifts, but those remain one of my favorite. They can be seen on my ears several days a week.

My attachment to them is the reason my husband just dragged a few tools up the stairs.

Earlier in the day, I was on the phone with him and I grabbed my earrings. As I put in one, I put the other on the counter a little too close to the sink.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

Have you ever watched a golf ball roll around the hole before finally dropping in?

If so, then you know what my little earring looked like before it dropped down the drain. Of course, I wasn't going for a hole in one.

Now, my very sweet husband is taking apart pipes hoping to find my little earring

I do believe that means more to me than any pair of earrings ever could.


If I didn't have a son...

Who in the world would greet me in the morning by playfully stabbing me with a balloon sword?


Beginning With a Birthday

Not long ago, Tony carried Jane into our room and told me I "had to see this."

I imagined that Jane had just learned a new skill. Maybe she had even said a new word.

It was neither.

She had the hiccups. Tony thought is was cute.

It was very cute.

Neither of us could recall ever seeing her have the hiccups.

It was a day before her first birthday.

That scenario about sums up our sweet Jane's first year.

You'd think that since we had our three children so close together, it would take more than hiccups to impress us.

Not so.

We spent Jane's first year thoroughly enjoying her.
That brings me to her belated birthday letter.

Dear Jane,
It was a year ago that we first held you in our arms. From the moment you were born, you were quiet. You rarely cried even when hungry, wet or tired. You were content to simply snuggle into our arms and watch the action around you.

Within a few days, it was hard to imagine you hadn't always been a part of our family. Your sister and brother accepted you with open arms. They both wanted to hold you as much as I would let them.

A year later, they still think you are wonderful. Your big brother wants you to be awake as soon as he is. Your big sister is always watching out for you.

Each day brings you closer to walking and talking. One day soon, you will no longer be identified as a baby. Except of course, by me.

I have to be honest, I started this letter on your birthday. Nearly two months have passed since then. I simply couldn't bring myself to finish a letter about my baby so soon becoming a toddler.

Yesterday, for the first time, you let go with both hands as you tried to make your way over to me. I was so proud of you. It was then I realized that our adventure together has really just begun. Your birthday may have been the ending of a wonderful year together, but God-willing it is only the beginning of another amazing adventure.

We love you sweet one! Happy "Beginning Birthday!"

Dada, Mama and "The Big Kids"

A Bright Spot

It has been a long week around here. Tony was out of town and one of the kids was sick. Looking at the big picture, it wasn't really a bad week. It was simply one of those weeks that drains a mama of all her energy.

This afternoon, though I was tired and the weather was cloudy and gray, I couldn't help but smile.

My favorite four-year-old wanted to go take her "homework" over the neighbor's. She had played school yesterday with our neighbor's daughter. I told her that it was cold and rainy and maybe she should wait. She was not discouraged.

After several minutes of putting on a sweater, hat, gloves and finding her favorite umbrella, she was off to turn in her work. (Well, technically this is a picture of her coming home, but whatever.)

She was more than happy to pause and smile for the camera. I was more than happy to keep taking pictures of her sweet little face.

I love that girl!


Ann was a bit of a fussy baby. As new parents, we were always looking for the reason why she was fussing. One of our favorite excuses was that she was overstimulated.

Maybe there were too many toys for her to look at. Perhaps she'd seen too many new faces. Who knows! Maybe she couldn't stand to look at one more cheerio. Whatever the reason, she sometimes seemed overstimulated meaning she was overwhelmed.

Well, that about sums up how I feel right now. As I survey my surroundings, I quickly find I'm not exactly sure what to focus on next.

Sometimes it is easy to know what to do next. If the baby has a dirty diaper, I change it and move on. If a toddler messes his pants without me knowing it and I briefly allow that same toddler (with a bare bottom) to sit in my lap while I dress him, I know what to do next. (Hypothetically speaking of course.) His bottom needs cleaned and I need some clean clothes now.

It is the other times when I look around the house and see dishes and clothes needing to be washed, dust so thick I can easily write my name on the bare desk, and carpet that is littered with all kinds of dirt, that I tend to lose my focus.

In the midst of that daily mess are three children I love more than I ever imagined. There is a husband who blesses me more than he knows. And, of course there is a dog who seems to like us despite being neglected more and more as our family has grown.

Yes, overstimulated definitely describes my mood. It would also probably explain why I'm wearing pants stained with grape jelly paired with slippers. I've yet to brush my hair or even my teeth today.

Surprisingly, days like this aren't typical around here. We've always got plenty of chaos, but usually everyone is dressed and somewhat clean.

Yet, when days like this do happen, it is hard for me to get back on track. Perhaps I just need to claim that I'm overstimulated and plop myself on the couch with a good book. A little rest always seemed to do the trick for our babies.

Yes, I do believe that will do the trick.


My Favorite New Band

This was the scene in our family room just before nap time.

If only they'd sing something besides "Jingle Bells," they might make the big time.

They don't even need microphones. They are just that loud.