Because I'm Nervous

This was supposed to be a post about my eyes. I was going to start out reminiscing about the first time I got glasses and how I was excited because the popular girl in seventh grade also wore glasses.

The post was then going to transition into the time where I decided glasses weren't as fun as I had originally thought. I might have described the first time I got contacts and then the sadness I felt when I could no longer wear them.

However, that post isn't going to happen.

In less than an hour, I'll begin the process of having surgery so that I will hopefully not have to wear glasses! I feel a bit vain about getting this done, but we should save money in the long run so, why not!?

I was going to write the eye post this morning. Instead, I waited in the pediatrician's office with two of my children. One was extremely wild and then other has an ear infection. I feel a bit of guilt leaving a sick child, not to mention two others with excessive amounts of energy, while I go to get my eye surgery. However, I suppose that is life.

I still haven't posted my daughter's one-year letter and she is almost 13-months. That will have to wait as well since I've been told it might be hard to see up close for a few days.

So, I suppose I'm just rambling and getting rid of nervous energy. I also feel a little silly asking for prayers for something that is more or less optional cosmetic surgery, but if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe pray that all would go well and that my children would be nothing but sweet for my mom?

Thanks and Happy Friday!

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