A Bright Spot

It has been a long week around here. Tony was out of town and one of the kids was sick. Looking at the big picture, it wasn't really a bad week. It was simply one of those weeks that drains a mama of all her energy.

This afternoon, though I was tired and the weather was cloudy and gray, I couldn't help but smile.

My favorite four-year-old wanted to go take her "homework" over the neighbor's. She had played school yesterday with our neighbor's daughter. I told her that it was cold and rainy and maybe she should wait. She was not discouraged.

After several minutes of putting on a sweater, hat, gloves and finding her favorite umbrella, she was off to turn in her work. (Well, technically this is a picture of her coming home, but whatever.)

She was more than happy to pause and smile for the camera. I was more than happy to keep taking pictures of her sweet little face.

I love that girl!

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