I Do Believe He Loves Me

My favorite pair of earrings are also my oldest. They are tiny diamonds.

They make up for their small size by being extremely sentimental to me.

My mom gave them to me the day I graduated from high school. She has since given me many other gifts, but those remain one of my favorite. They can be seen on my ears several days a week.

My attachment to them is the reason my husband just dragged a few tools up the stairs.

Earlier in the day, I was on the phone with him and I grabbed my earrings. As I put in one, I put the other on the counter a little too close to the sink.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

Have you ever watched a golf ball roll around the hole before finally dropping in?

If so, then you know what my little earring looked like before it dropped down the drain. Of course, I wasn't going for a hole in one.

Now, my very sweet husband is taking apart pipes hoping to find my little earring

I do believe that means more to me than any pair of earrings ever could.

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