Like a Good Neighbor (With an Update About my Earring)

I couldn't resist that title, though this post has nothing to do with car insurance.

This morning I noticed that the answering machine was flashing. I realized that someone must have called after we went to bed.

Since we were all in bed asleep before 10, it was certainly possible someone had called.
(Do we know how to have fun on a Friday night or what!?)

Sure enough, my neighbor had called.

She had read this post and called to offer any tools or help we might need in order to retrieve my earring.

First, my husband was spending his Friday night searching for my earring in one yucky drain. Then, my neighbor called to offer her assistance!

I guess I better add "fantastic neighbors" under "best husband ever" on my long list of blessings!
Well, that and the fact that my sweet hubby FOUND MY EARRING!

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