How To Keep Two Levels Tidy? Please Tell Me!

I've wanted a two-story house for as long as I can remember. For whatever reason, I really just think of a two-story house as a "family" home.
Our family is a two-story and we've lived here for two and a half year. In that time, I've come to really appreciate what we had in our previous ranch homes. It's nearly impossible to keep two levels tidy at once. (I won't even mention my unfinished dumping ground known as the basement.)
Fortunately, I recently stumbled upon a way to at least keep my kiddos' possessions more tidy in the downstairs. Go here and read more. Then please comment and let me know what you do to tame the chaos in your home!


That's Not What Hot Glue Means and It isn't Edible!

I think I might sit down to blog a little more often if I didn't spend so much of my time keeping kids from doing things that aren't in their best interest.

You know, things like pouring white glue into a glass of water and actually contemplating drinking it.

Of course, I also spend a fair amount of time doing things like sipping hot chocolate while reading piles of library books to my little ones.

I figure as long as I don't start putting glue instead of hot chocolate in the water we're in good shape. It isn't likely to happen. I'm not nearly as fun or as adventurous as they are. They certainly make life fun! (And truthfully, sometimes a bit scary.) I still wouldn't have it any other way.


Lucky Boy?

Tonight we met at one of our favorite family restaurants--Jason's Deli. I had to take my little man to a doctor's appointment, so we met Tony and the girls for dinner.

As we were getting out of the van, Chris asked me if I would also be driving him home. Upon hearing my answer of yes, he responded, "I'm a lucky boy!"

Funny, I thought I was the lucky momma! He sure knows how to melt my heart.