Before Dinner

It's a typical afternoon around here. We picked up Ann from preschool and headed home for a quick snack and some play time.

Now, the chaos is about to start. Chris is currently sitting on the counter sorting silverware while Ann is playing at the table. She is fixing a tea party for her dolls and saying things like, "I wish Eva (her favorite doll) had a pumpkin house." Well, of course.

As part of her tea party, Ann made invitations for her dolls. I helped her with a bit of the spelling, but then she took over and started spelling phonetically. She invited Eva, Pni (Pinky), Rabo (Rainbow), and Butrfli (Butterfly).

Now, I sit here recording her first bit of attempting to spell on her own. I grabbed her invitations and told her I just wanted to quickly write something down. (She just came back over to claim them and I can tell that she is proud that I thought it was important enough to write about what she was doing.)

Chris has now finished sorting the silverware and has joined his younger sister watching Imagination Movers.

So, I guess I better stop recording this typical before dinner moment and get back to actually making dinner. I'm thinking my family might want more than the brown rice that is simmering on the back of the stove.

These are the days!


A Monday Happy

The other day, Ann wanted to take a picture with me. I obliged.

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Little Man's Favorite Song (My God is So Great)

My God is so great!

So strong and so mighty.

There's nothing my God cannot do for you!

Oh, I love that little guy! He loves, loves, loves this song. We were recently doing some of the curriculum at ABC Jesus Loves Me and this song was part of the lesson. He was so excited because it's his favorite!
It's my prayer that he doesn't just like this song, but that he believes it!


It's Going to Be Alright

A few weeks ago, I called the elementary school near our house to check on Kindergarten Round-Up. I'd seen signs posted advertising the dates and other schools, but wasn't sure when I needed to take my oldest.

I was a bit surprised when they informed me that I didn't have to wait until Kindergarten Round-Up to get started with Ann's school journey. The school has what they call Pre-K Nights to help new students and parents adjust to their new school life.

That is how I ended up dragging my sweet Ann to school last night. Dragging is the right term because she had no interest in going and I had to pull out all of my parenting tricks to finally get her in the car. We made the short drive and were soon in the library with all of the other parents.

Before we made it into the library, I ran into a friend from church. I'd forgotten that her son would start school at the same time as Ann. I felt relief flood through me as I realized I'd have a friend going through the same thing at the same school!

Once we were seated in the library, it really started to hit me that my oldest would soon begin a new phase of her life. My friend asked me if I was stressed out about the new chapter in our lives. I started to answer, but my eyes began to water and I told her I probably couldn't talk about it just then. (When did I become so sappy?)

It didn't help that Ann was curled up in my lap shielding her face with her coat. She had already turned down the cookies they had offered. (This is very unusual for my sugar-holic!) I realized that she might be a bit scared and nervous. I also realized that if she felt that was next year while she was at school, I wouldn't be there to comfort her. It was then that I again almost cried.

After I asked her one more time if she'd like a cookie, she did indeed take one. Perhaps energized by the sugar, she suddenly started to act like her normal self.

Soon, the time came for her to go with the other soon-to-be kindergartners to play games in another room. She popped up off my lap and gave me her "aren't-I-cool-that-I'm-doing-this" smile. It was then I was reminded she was going to be just fine.

I spent the rest of my time learning about the social skills needed in kindergarten. A half an hour later, Ann came back to the library with the other students. She looked happy.

After meeting the principal, who I immediately liked, we walked to the car with my friend and her son. Ann played with him as my friend and I talked. Once we parted ways, I helped Ann buckle into her seat.

"Mom," she said.

"Yes," I replied.

"I think this is going to be fun," she continued.

I think she's right. I can already see God at work in the beginning of this new adventure. I won't lie and say I won't cry on the first day of school. I most certainly will, but I also have a feeling I'll be excited for what is in store for Ann.

Ann, I couldn't be more proud to be your momma! You are a true blessing and I love you dearly!



Around our house, it is a big deal that only Mommy and Daddy get to kiss on the lips. If you ask the kiddos why, they'll tell you it's because we're married.

Of course, that doesn't stop them from trying to steal kisses on our lips and then yelling, "Oooh, yuck, I kissed you on your lips." (I've also been known to get in on that immature behavior from time to time. I can't help it, I just love to see my little ones laugh, even if I do give them cooties!)
So, I knew we were in for some silly moments when I passed out the Valentine treats Grandma sent in the mail. The treats were much like Ring Pops, but instead of being attached to a ring, they were attached to red plastic lips.

Before long, Ann and Chris were trying to "kiss" each other. Fortunately, I was nearby with the camera. I love this shot because it perfectly portrays the moment. Ann is laughing and encouraging the "kiss," however, she is also a bit disgusted by it. You can tell that by how she is pushing her harm against her brother. She doesn't want him to get too close!

He, of course, loves that his sister is a bit disgusted and is grabbing her to make sure she doesn't get away. That kid could write a book on how to be the stereotypical little brother! (But they do love each other dearly!)

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

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A Letter to the Month of March

Dear March,

February, though technically a short month, has thus far been a very dreary month. My daughter's birthday aside, there is very little I've liked about it this year.

That said, March, if you know what is good for you, you will come both in and out like a lamb. You do know what is good for you, right?



P.S. (If you see that old groundhog, please tell him to get lost!)


Becoming Friends

If you're a parent, you know that a quiet house (while the children are home) is a mixed blessing. If the kiddos are awake and all is quiet, something is usually going on that you probably wish wasn't happening. At least this has been true in our home!

I knew something might be going on yesterday as I put my two-year-old down for her nap. My three and five-year-old were being just a bit too quiet. I did, however, take the time to relish the fact that my two oldest children had spent the past few days playing very well together. This isn't always the case, so I reminded myself that even if I found a huge mess, I should be at least grateful for their enjoyment of each other.
As I walked down the hallway to my oldest daughter's room, I was met by my two preschoolers. They were talking over each other and very excited to show me their "secret hideout."

It turned out to be their version of homemade bunk beds. Hilarious!
They were a bit disappointed when I told them this wasn't safe and there was no way they were resting like that! I told them they could have a "sleepover" if they'd like and they did. After a bit of silliness, they both took a nice nap. I know because I couldn't resist checking on them more than once! Sleeping children are so precious.
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Is there anything better...

than a three-year-old superhero?

He uses his pale blue dolphin lovey as his cape as he says things like, "Up, up and away, I'm going to save the day."

He also says, "Mom, did you know I'm going to be a rescue hero forever."

As if that wasn't cute enough, he proudly wears his "cape" (and dinosaur rain boots) while picking up his sister from preschool. He then proceeds to hold the door for his mama and little sister.

Yes, there is something better than a three-year-old superhero.

It's a three-year-old superhero who will hug and kiss his mama whenever she asks. (Though he won't pose for a picture.)

I love that little guy!

Date Nights In

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Locked In!

Recently a friend commented that if you have more than one child you are not just a mother, you are a referee. I chuckled because it's so true!

My kiddos spend a lot of time arguing. Of course, they are also the best of friends. This afternoon, they were were playing so well together that I didn't have the heart to stop them to take naps. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?

That is how I found myself in my son's room with my three children. I sat in the rocking chair reading Curious George for the first time to my two-year-old. My other children played on the floor. (I must say it was rather quaint to sit there reading to my youngest with my other two playing at my feet. That, however, was about to change.)

Suddenly, my son turned off the light and shut the door. He wanted to show us a light on his Rescue Hero tower. We all pretended to be impressed. (Who knows, maybe the girls were really impressed.)

Finally, my daughter turned the light back on, and as she did something also clicked in my mind and I gasped. I asked my oldest daughter to open the door. Just as I expected, she couldn't because it was locked, from the outside.

The previous owners had the door handle reversed. It's something we never fixed and I regretted that this afternoon.

Anyways, I did my best to play the part of the cool and collected mom, even though in my head I was having fears of the house burning down while we were trapped in the room.

A quick glance at my watch told me that it would be an hour and a half until the neighbor kids walked by on their way home from school. My plan was to yell out the window at them to get their mom so she could help us.

I explained my plan to the older two kids while my two-year-old pulled and the door handle and said, "Unlock, unlock, unlock!" (They sure can be relentless!)

My son wasn't the least bit concerned. He thought it seemed like a perfect excuse for a great big nap time slumber party. My daughter, on the other hand, was going on and on about not having her stuffed animals and what not.

I spent the next few minutes picking up the room so I could make room for the girls to sleep on the floor. As I did that, I also anxiously glanced out of the window to see if my neighbor might get home early. Since it was so cold, I knew the chances were slim of anyone happening to walk by our house.

One of those times I glanced out the window and noticed the mail truck. You can probably guess the rest of the story. I yelled down to the woman who delivers our mail and asked her to get my neighbor. She was kind enough not to laugh at me and instead went to grab my neighbor who came over to save the day.

Today, I learned never to have everyone in the house gathered in my son's room without a cell phone, or you know a key, handy.

I also learned that if I did have to be stuck in a tight space for quite a while, other than my husband, there isn't anyone I'd rather be with than my kiddos. Crazy, but true!

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A Letter to My Kiddos About Their Daddy

Dear Ann, Chris, and Jane,

As I sit here typing, you are all in the basement with your daddy. I can hear your laughter and the sound of a hand saw. Daddy is using the saw to make all of you a play house.

A few nights ago, he came home with rolls from the inside of the paper they use at his office. Before I knew it, he had concocted a plan to make a "log cabin" for you using the tubes and wood. Before he came home from work last night, he stopped at the "orange store" (a.k.a. Home Depot) to pick up some wood and screws.

Much of this weekend has been spent in the basement as you all work to finish the house. (I'm glad you are able to work around the mess down there, because I'm not sure when I'll finally get those Christmas decorations put away!)

My little ones, I write this so that one day you can be reminded of just how much your daddy loves you. He could do any number of things with his time away from work, but he chooses to spend it doing amazing things for you (and me). Remember this? And this?

Each of you, as you pray, always say "Thank you for Dada and Mama..." I do hope that you know how wise it is to thank the Lord for your sweet Daddy. You all are blessed beyond measure to have your earthly father love you so!

I hope you enjoy your house and that we can make many fun memories playing in your "Lincoln Log House!"

Much love,


P.S. Pictures to come soon!


Reason Number 52 That We Don't Have a Nicer Television

Okay, so usually I'm perfectly fine with our television. I don't think HDTV would add anything to my life and I think the whole idea of 3D televisions is just plain silly. However, with the Super Bowl in a couple of days, there are times when I wish our television was at least worthy of hosting a little Super Bowl party. It's not. Not even close and it's only four years old. (Darn technology advancing so fast.)

Anyways, this morning as I was reading a few blogs, I started thinking that maybe we could have our own Super Bowl party just the five of us. I started looking for recipes.

Not much later, my son yelled, "Watch out TV, I'm going to punch you in the head!" Huh? As I was saying, "No, no don't do that..." he was already running.

Sure enough, he ran fist first into the TV. Unfortunately, he didn't slow down enough to also avoid hitting has face on the screen. I did my best to not laugh, truly I did. However, he had it coming to him. I did manage to get it together before he came to me for a hug. I was still shaking a bit from laughing, but my face was concerned. Actually, I truly was concerned. I was worried his little mouth would start bleeding. Fortunately, it didn't and the only thing hurt was his pride.

I don't think I have to worry about him doing that again any time soon. I'm pretty sure he learned his lesson. Boys!

Today, an older television is indeed a finer thing! So is having a little guy who makes life interesting!


I'm Not Superstitious, but Seriously!

Truly, I'm not superstitious. However, if I were, you better believe I wouldn't be saying things about my kids' health out loud. Here's why...

My two younger children were in bed taking naps while I talked on the phone to my sister-in-law. I'm not sure how the subject came up, but I said, and I quote (obviously), "It's been forever since we've dealt with ear infections."

Less than an hour after I'd hung up the phone, I had to wake up my children to go pick up my oldest daughter from preschool. As I helped my son into his booster seat, he told me his ear hurt. Being the caring mom that I am, I said, "No it doesn't. Just lay back and you'll be fine." Except that he wasn't.

As the afternoon progressed, he only complained more about his ear. He wanted me to hold him and had no interest in playing or using the new markers I offered for drawing. He continued to whine despite a couple of attempts at home remedies.

By the time Tony came home, I was more than happy to let him take our little man to the doctor. About an hour later, Tony called to let me know that he had an ear infection. I remembered my conversation earlier in the day and nearly laughed. In fact, I would have except that my little guy was hurting. Instead I was just grateful that we knew what was wrong and that we're able to treat it. In the meantime, I'll do my best to keep my mouth shut. After all, it's frequently a good policy even if you aren't superstitious.


Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet, Sweet Jane!

My Sweet Jane,

I can't believe you are two! I want to write a more meaningful birthday letter to you, but this laptop is newish and if I write it today, on your birthday, I just might start crying and tears on the keyboard, well...

Just know that your Daddy and I love you to pieces. You make our Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and well you get the picture.

We're so grateful that God knew our family wasn't complete without you!

Happy Birthday sweet girl. May the years ahead find your growing and fulfilling His purpose for your life!

(The above picture is of Jane eating her birthday breakfast of ice cream. It's what we do around here and my kids love it!)

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