A Letter to My Kiddos About Their Daddy

Dear Ann, Chris, and Jane,

As I sit here typing, you are all in the basement with your daddy. I can hear your laughter and the sound of a hand saw. Daddy is using the saw to make all of you a play house.

A few nights ago, he came home with rolls from the inside of the paper they use at his office. Before I knew it, he had concocted a plan to make a "log cabin" for you using the tubes and wood. Before he came home from work last night, he stopped at the "orange store" (a.k.a. Home Depot) to pick up some wood and screws.

Much of this weekend has been spent in the basement as you all work to finish the house. (I'm glad you are able to work around the mess down there, because I'm not sure when I'll finally get those Christmas decorations put away!)

My little ones, I write this so that one day you can be reminded of just how much your daddy loves you. He could do any number of things with his time away from work, but he chooses to spend it doing amazing things for you (and me). Remember this? And this?

Each of you, as you pray, always say "Thank you for Dada and Mama..." I do hope that you know how wise it is to thank the Lord for your sweet Daddy. You all are blessed beyond measure to have your earthly father love you so!

I hope you enjoy your house and that we can make many fun memories playing in your "Lincoln Log House!"

Much love,


P.S. Pictures to come soon!

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