I'm Not Superstitious, but Seriously!

Truly, I'm not superstitious. However, if I were, you better believe I wouldn't be saying things about my kids' health out loud. Here's why...

My two younger children were in bed taking naps while I talked on the phone to my sister-in-law. I'm not sure how the subject came up, but I said, and I quote (obviously), "It's been forever since we've dealt with ear infections."

Less than an hour after I'd hung up the phone, I had to wake up my children to go pick up my oldest daughter from preschool. As I helped my son into his booster seat, he told me his ear hurt. Being the caring mom that I am, I said, "No it doesn't. Just lay back and you'll be fine." Except that he wasn't.

As the afternoon progressed, he only complained more about his ear. He wanted me to hold him and had no interest in playing or using the new markers I offered for drawing. He continued to whine despite a couple of attempts at home remedies.

By the time Tony came home, I was more than happy to let him take our little man to the doctor. About an hour later, Tony called to let me know that he had an ear infection. I remembered my conversation earlier in the day and nearly laughed. In fact, I would have except that my little guy was hurting. Instead I was just grateful that we knew what was wrong and that we're able to treat it. In the meantime, I'll do my best to keep my mouth shut. After all, it's frequently a good policy even if you aren't superstitious.

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