Becoming Friends

If you're a parent, you know that a quiet house (while the children are home) is a mixed blessing. If the kiddos are awake and all is quiet, something is usually going on that you probably wish wasn't happening. At least this has been true in our home!

I knew something might be going on yesterday as I put my two-year-old down for her nap. My three and five-year-old were being just a bit too quiet. I did, however, take the time to relish the fact that my two oldest children had spent the past few days playing very well together. This isn't always the case, so I reminded myself that even if I found a huge mess, I should be at least grateful for their enjoyment of each other.
As I walked down the hallway to my oldest daughter's room, I was met by my two preschoolers. They were talking over each other and very excited to show me their "secret hideout."

It turned out to be their version of homemade bunk beds. Hilarious!
They were a bit disappointed when I told them this wasn't safe and there was no way they were resting like that! I told them they could have a "sleepover" if they'd like and they did. After a bit of silliness, they both took a nice nap. I know because I couldn't resist checking on them more than once! Sleeping children are so precious.
Watching my children become friends is certainly a finer thing! Be sure to stop by Amy's for more finer things.

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