It's Going to Be Alright

A few weeks ago, I called the elementary school near our house to check on Kindergarten Round-Up. I'd seen signs posted advertising the dates and other schools, but wasn't sure when I needed to take my oldest.

I was a bit surprised when they informed me that I didn't have to wait until Kindergarten Round-Up to get started with Ann's school journey. The school has what they call Pre-K Nights to help new students and parents adjust to their new school life.

That is how I ended up dragging my sweet Ann to school last night. Dragging is the right term because she had no interest in going and I had to pull out all of my parenting tricks to finally get her in the car. We made the short drive and were soon in the library with all of the other parents.

Before we made it into the library, I ran into a friend from church. I'd forgotten that her son would start school at the same time as Ann. I felt relief flood through me as I realized I'd have a friend going through the same thing at the same school!

Once we were seated in the library, it really started to hit me that my oldest would soon begin a new phase of her life. My friend asked me if I was stressed out about the new chapter in our lives. I started to answer, but my eyes began to water and I told her I probably couldn't talk about it just then. (When did I become so sappy?)

It didn't help that Ann was curled up in my lap shielding her face with her coat. She had already turned down the cookies they had offered. (This is very unusual for my sugar-holic!) I realized that she might be a bit scared and nervous. I also realized that if she felt that was next year while she was at school, I wouldn't be there to comfort her. It was then that I again almost cried.

After I asked her one more time if she'd like a cookie, she did indeed take one. Perhaps energized by the sugar, she suddenly started to act like her normal self.

Soon, the time came for her to go with the other soon-to-be kindergartners to play games in another room. She popped up off my lap and gave me her "aren't-I-cool-that-I'm-doing-this" smile. It was then I was reminded she was going to be just fine.

I spent the rest of my time learning about the social skills needed in kindergarten. A half an hour later, Ann came back to the library with the other students. She looked happy.

After meeting the principal, who I immediately liked, we walked to the car with my friend and her son. Ann played with him as my friend and I talked. Once we parted ways, I helped Ann buckle into her seat.

"Mom," she said.

"Yes," I replied.

"I think this is going to be fun," she continued.

I think she's right. I can already see God at work in the beginning of this new adventure. I won't lie and say I won't cry on the first day of school. I most certainly will, but I also have a feeling I'll be excited for what is in store for Ann.

Ann, I couldn't be more proud to be your momma! You are a true blessing and I love you dearly!

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