Before Dinner

It's a typical afternoon around here. We picked up Ann from preschool and headed home for a quick snack and some play time.

Now, the chaos is about to start. Chris is currently sitting on the counter sorting silverware while Ann is playing at the table. She is fixing a tea party for her dolls and saying things like, "I wish Eva (her favorite doll) had a pumpkin house." Well, of course.

As part of her tea party, Ann made invitations for her dolls. I helped her with a bit of the spelling, but then she took over and started spelling phonetically. She invited Eva, Pni (Pinky), Rabo (Rainbow), and Butrfli (Butterfly).

Now, I sit here recording her first bit of attempting to spell on her own. I grabbed her invitations and told her I just wanted to quickly write something down. (She just came back over to claim them and I can tell that she is proud that I thought it was important enough to write about what she was doing.)

Chris has now finished sorting the silverware and has joined his younger sister watching Imagination Movers.

So, I guess I better stop recording this typical before dinner moment and get back to actually making dinner. I'm thinking my family might want more than the brown rice that is simmering on the back of the stove.

These are the days!


Anonymous said...
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Sara said...

I like the new blog design and the picture of you. I especially like when you put lots of pictures of the kiddos.