Reason Number 52 That We Don't Have a Nicer Television

Okay, so usually I'm perfectly fine with our television. I don't think HDTV would add anything to my life and I think the whole idea of 3D televisions is just plain silly. However, with the Super Bowl in a couple of days, there are times when I wish our television was at least worthy of hosting a little Super Bowl party. It's not. Not even close and it's only four years old. (Darn technology advancing so fast.)

Anyways, this morning as I was reading a few blogs, I started thinking that maybe we could have our own Super Bowl party just the five of us. I started looking for recipes.

Not much later, my son yelled, "Watch out TV, I'm going to punch you in the head!" Huh? As I was saying, "No, no don't do that..." he was already running.

Sure enough, he ran fist first into the TV. Unfortunately, he didn't slow down enough to also avoid hitting has face on the screen. I did my best to not laugh, truly I did. However, he had it coming to him. I did manage to get it together before he came to me for a hug. I was still shaking a bit from laughing, but my face was concerned. Actually, I truly was concerned. I was worried his little mouth would start bleeding. Fortunately, it didn't and the only thing hurt was his pride.

I don't think I have to worry about him doing that again any time soon. I'm pretty sure he learned his lesson. Boys!

Today, an older television is indeed a finer thing! So is having a little guy who makes life interesting!

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