Kind of Defeats the Sanitary Pacifier Purpose

As I grabbed a cart and looked at my children, I realized our shopping trip should have ended ten minutes earlier and we hadn't even crossed one item off our list!

I'll spare you the gory details.

Anyways, as we headed to the checkout, I realized that we were missing Jane's pacifier. Of course we were. Is there a better way to end a shopping trip gone sour than to listen to a tired one-year-old fuss all the way home? I think not.

We made a quick detour back to Target's baby section. I quickly surveyed the pacifiers and excitedly grabbed a new variety.

Playtex now sells a 2-pack of pacifiers with a little sterilizing cup. It kind of made me all warm and fuzzy to buy my sweet third-born something that first-time moms would swoon over.

I thought of what a good mom I was for looking out for her well-being.

A couple of hours later, after I'd sterilized the pacifier, I caught myself picking it up off my floor and handing it to her. Keep in mind that I would never publicly admit how long it has been since I mopped my floor.

I had high hopes. It turns out I'm still a mom who brushes the dirty pacifier off on her jeans and calls it good.

Scratch that. I'm now the mom who has a cute little pacifier sterilizer and still brushes the dirty pacifier off on her jeans and calls it good.

Oh well, I'll just think of the immune system I'm helping her build!

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