Ann was a bit of a fussy baby. As new parents, we were always looking for the reason why she was fussing. One of our favorite excuses was that she was overstimulated.

Maybe there were too many toys for her to look at. Perhaps she'd seen too many new faces. Who knows! Maybe she couldn't stand to look at one more cheerio. Whatever the reason, she sometimes seemed overstimulated meaning she was overwhelmed.

Well, that about sums up how I feel right now. As I survey my surroundings, I quickly find I'm not exactly sure what to focus on next.

Sometimes it is easy to know what to do next. If the baby has a dirty diaper, I change it and move on. If a toddler messes his pants without me knowing it and I briefly allow that same toddler (with a bare bottom) to sit in my lap while I dress him, I know what to do next. (Hypothetically speaking of course.) His bottom needs cleaned and I need some clean clothes now.

It is the other times when I look around the house and see dishes and clothes needing to be washed, dust so thick I can easily write my name on the bare desk, and carpet that is littered with all kinds of dirt, that I tend to lose my focus.

In the midst of that daily mess are three children I love more than I ever imagined. There is a husband who blesses me more than he knows. And, of course there is a dog who seems to like us despite being neglected more and more as our family has grown.

Yes, overstimulated definitely describes my mood. It would also probably explain why I'm wearing pants stained with grape jelly paired with slippers. I've yet to brush my hair or even my teeth today.

Surprisingly, days like this aren't typical around here. We've always got plenty of chaos, but usually everyone is dressed and somewhat clean.

Yet, when days like this do happen, it is hard for me to get back on track. Perhaps I just need to claim that I'm overstimulated and plop myself on the couch with a good book. A little rest always seemed to do the trick for our babies.

Yes, I do believe that will do the trick.

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