Beginning With a Birthday

Not long ago, Tony carried Jane into our room and told me I "had to see this."

I imagined that Jane had just learned a new skill. Maybe she had even said a new word.

It was neither.

She had the hiccups. Tony thought is was cute.

It was very cute.

Neither of us could recall ever seeing her have the hiccups.

It was a day before her first birthday.

That scenario about sums up our sweet Jane's first year.

You'd think that since we had our three children so close together, it would take more than hiccups to impress us.

Not so.

We spent Jane's first year thoroughly enjoying her.
That brings me to her belated birthday letter.

Dear Jane,
It was a year ago that we first held you in our arms. From the moment you were born, you were quiet. You rarely cried even when hungry, wet or tired. You were content to simply snuggle into our arms and watch the action around you.

Within a few days, it was hard to imagine you hadn't always been a part of our family. Your sister and brother accepted you with open arms. They both wanted to hold you as much as I would let them.

A year later, they still think you are wonderful. Your big brother wants you to be awake as soon as he is. Your big sister is always watching out for you.

Each day brings you closer to walking and talking. One day soon, you will no longer be identified as a baby. Except of course, by me.

I have to be honest, I started this letter on your birthday. Nearly two months have passed since then. I simply couldn't bring myself to finish a letter about my baby so soon becoming a toddler.

Yesterday, for the first time, you let go with both hands as you tried to make your way over to me. I was so proud of you. It was then I realized that our adventure together has really just begun. Your birthday may have been the ending of a wonderful year together, but God-willing it is only the beginning of another amazing adventure.

We love you sweet one! Happy "Beginning Birthday!"

Dada, Mama and "The Big Kids"

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