Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Uh-oh, but what if there isn't a mirror on the wall? And I'm out with the children. And, I'm a tad concerned that my mascara has started to run a bit.

I have two options.

I can simply swipe my fingers under my eyes and hope for the best. Or, I can corral my three children into the nearest restroom, so that I can have a peak in the mirror. Now, I'm not a germophobe, but I know my children and know they will want to touch everything in the restroom. So, I go with the first option.

As soon as we get back to the car and everyone is settled, I quickly glance in the mirror to see if my face looks a bit frumpy. This time I'm okay, but will I be next time?

A true frump-fighter would carry a mirror in her purse or diaper bag. Do you?

I'm off to find one so that I never have to rely on a stranger to tell me there is spinach in my teeth or that I strongly resemble a raccoon with the way my eye make up is looking.

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