Happy Two Months Baby Girl!

Where is the time going? You're already two months old!
This has been a big month for you. Smiling and occasionally cooing have become some of your favorite activities.

Little Man and Big Sister still love on you all of the time. Little Man in particular has really taken to you this month. He likes you to sit in your bouncy seat so he can sit beside you and "play" with you.

Daddy is also quite fond of you. He frequently looks over at you and smiles while saying "She's so cute!"

Other than sleeping and eating, bath time is your favorite activity. It immediately calms you. However, you rarely get too upset. In fact, I can tell sometimes that you are uncomfortable due to what seems to be acid reflux but, even then, you hardly cry.

You are getting bigger everyday. I've already packed away all of your newborn clothes and some of your 3-month clothes. I know it is a good sign that you are growing so well, but it still makes me a bit sad. These months go so quickly and I want to treasure every moment.

I suppose that sums up your second month. We love you Baby Girl!

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

She is SO cute! Can I come kiss on those cheeks?! (BTW. We have that exact same bouncer.)