Drum Roll Please

The Binky Boy is binkieless. And yes, I'm pretty sure I made up that word.

How did we do it? What was our strategy for weaning our almost two-year-old son off the binky?

Mama was lazy!

It was nap time and I knew we'd left his binky somewhere in the aisles of our beloved Target. I also knew there was probably one lurking in the family room beneath his pile of cars or under the couch cushions. However, it was nap time and mama wasn't about to delay it any further.

So, I told him we lost it and he could only have his lovey. He didn't even protest.

The lesson I learned is that sometimes it pays to be lazy.

Up tomorrow: Stores That are Open in the Middle of the Night and Sell the Same Type of Binkies that Lazy Mama Tossed in the Garbage

And, if I don't get to post that because he actually gives up the binky, well then here's to hoping potty training is so easy!


Deidre said...

"It pays to be lazy" - love that!

My daughter carried 3 around - one in her mouth and one in each hand. She would switch them around in the middle of the night. We wrapped them up and took them to the hospital when our friend had her baby. She never looked back - we were shocked.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

My first and 3rd wouldn't take 'em. They are thumb suckers. You can't "lose" a thumb. = ( Good luck with that easy potty training theory. = )

HRH said... did good.