Binky Boy

I thought a few days ago, when I started writing on here, that I'd have so many profound and witty things to record of our days as a young family. Ha! As I sit here, the only topic I can think of is my son son and his beloved pacifier. What?! So, I guess that will have to be it for this time.

I kind of have this thing about pacifiers. I think they are cute, serve their much needed purpose, and should be a thing of the past by the first birthday. I just knew I could do what "they" say and make sure the pacifier didn't become a sort of crutch, habit, or addiction. I took it away from my daughter at eight months. We went cold turkey and it was no problem.

I thought I would do exactly the same with my son. That became a problem when he didn't even take the pacifier until he was nine months old. One day, we randomly handed him a pacifier to play with and lo and behold he popped it into his mouth, and there was no turning back. That was ten months ago.

Since then, I've set many deadlines for taking away the binky. Twelve, fifteen, and then eighteen months old were all deadlines I had set. I've stuck with none of them. I didn't really even make a feeble attempt. I've had plenty of excuses. He wasn't walking yet. We were moving. He still wasn't walking. He didn't talk. It was a bad hair day. My friend's fish died. It just wasn't the time. The list goes on and on and on. He still has it and obviously I need to swallow my pride and know that it really isn't a big deal regardless of what "they" (the supposedly parenting experts) say.

Deep down I know part of me, actually a lot of me, loves seeing my little guy walk around in a sleeper, binky in his mouth and a blankie in his hand. I know this time goes so quickly, and stealing little glimpses of his baby self is priceless. So, Little Man, I love you and your silly "bink". I won't let you have it forever, but for now, enjoy, I'm sure days are ahead where it won't be so easy to delight you.

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