'A' is for Artichoke

Tonight, before putting Big Sister to bed, we were using her sandpaper alphabet cards to practice letters. Okay, well, to be more accurate, I had scattered the cards on the floor hoping to keep her occupied while I checked email. I randomly called out letters and sounds and she looked for the matching card. Since she only knows two or so letters, she got a bit bored and asked me to join her on the floor. I started playing with her and asking her to tell me words that started with certain sounds. It went something like this...

Me: What starts with the /j/ sound?

Big Sister: Elephant.

Me: That starts with /e/. What else starts with /e/?

Big Sister: Oven.

Me: Oven starts with /o/. Let's try 'a'. What starts with /a/ like apple?

Big Sister: Artichoke.

Me: Yes, yes it does.

And that had me putting her to bed like she was the smartest little girl on the planet. Never mind the fact she was only right once. It doesn't take much to impress this mama.

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