How a "Big Girl" Takes a Nap

Apparently being three is close to be an adult. At least my little three year old seems to think that three is big stuff. I'm glad she is excited and I've learned not to laugh when she instructs me on the ways of big girls. Today, right before nap time, she explained to me that there are things that a big girl no longer needs for nap time.

After briefly crying because she wasn't sure where her beloved "lovey" of three years could be found, she asked me where it was. Of course, I knew because I wouldn't even think of losing it. I told her where to find it. She started walking to get it and then stopped in her tracks. "No, I don't need animals or my blanket," she said with authority.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because I'm a big girl." She then promptly climbed into bed clutching a small rubber lizard, the origins of which I have absolutely no idea.

It certainly makes me wonder what my little guy will want to have at nap time when he is a "big boy." Will it be alive?

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