Christmas Day Memories

After a late night, the kids stayed in bed until nearly seven. That tends to be sleeping in around here. Fortunately, I crawled out of bed and was downstairs before Big Sister awoke. I parked myself right in front of the tree so that I wouldn't miss her face when she first came downstairs. I wish I had a picture of her sweet face as she saw the presents under the tree. It was pure amazement.
Since the boys weren't up yet, I had to find a way to distract her. We decided to frost the birthday cake for Jesus.

And by frost, I do mean she ate lots of icing and I attempted to leave the cake somewhat intact while I spread the icing. (Note to self: anything with red food coloring and young children do NOT go together.)

After that task was finished, there was no keeping her from checking on daddy. Surprisingly, (ha!), he woke up. They decided Little Man better get up or miss out on opening presents.

It was with much anticipation that everyone began opening presents. It quickly turned into Big Sister and Little Man opening presents while Daddy and Mommy opened toy packaging and installed batteries.

Little Man was all about ripping open packages. It didn't matter whose they were, he was ready to rip! Big Sister was interested until she opened her one present from Santa. It was a little porcelin tea set. Or, as Big Sister would say, it is her "breakables."

She took her tea set up to her room and had a party. It took a little coaxing on our part to get her back downstairs to open more presents. (In fact, as I wrote this early in the morning two days after Christmas, she came trudging down the stairs tea set in hand.) I think it was the fact that Little Man was about to rip into her presents if she didn't hurry that got her back by the tree.

Notice how seriously he takes this present opening business? Little man was truly more thrilled with the opening of the gifts than the gifts themselves. However, his little toy drum and instrument set has been a hit.
Daddy was happy to get a travel book he'd wanted for a long time. He also got new carry-on lugggage.
He was more generous with me and got the iPod I'd been joking about for a while. I didn't really think he'd get it, since he is a bit more practical than someone who goes with the trends. But, I do love that he got it. I have been playing with my new toy almost as much as Big Sister plays with her tea set.

Since I'm the family photographer, there aren't any pictures of me opening presents. So, I suppose this belly shot from Christmas Eve will have to do. (This is my first belly shot with this baby and I'm eight months pregnant. I suppose that is what happens the third time around.)

The rest of the day involved a birthday cake for Jesus for breakfast, a visit from Daddy's aunt and uncle, and playing in the snow.

Here is Big Sister standing by her first snowman for which Daddy gets all of the credit. As you can see, she had a baby lamb which needed a feeding.

The day ended with a trip to the park. We needed to celebrate the fact that it was over forty degrees. After that, it was home for leftovers. Yup, you read it right, leftovers. We've got family coming again today and we had too much food in the fridge to warrant cooking yet another meal. We needed to get some of the food in the fridge eaten before it begins to fill up again with company here.

So, that is a W. family Christmas for 2007! If you see a little girl carrying a tea set, a pregnant mama trying to look cool with an iPod, and a little boy with wrapping paper still stuck to him, it is probably us! Daddy is probably off traveling the world from the comfort of his chair. Merry (late) Christmas!

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