It Wasn't Supposed to Be a Good Day

Yesterday wasn't supposed to be a good day. It was only an hour into the day, and yes, that means one in the morning, when I knew it wasn't going to be good. I mean how could it be good when Big Sister wakes with a croupy cough and requires a trip to a steamy bathroom to calm the cough?

Surprisingly, after the coughing episode, she slept through the rest of the night. Of course, I didn't. I was up checking on her every hour or two just to make sure she was breathing. Her sweet daddy did the same. It was during one of those zombie like walks down the hall that it dawned on me that the day wasn't going to be good. I had plans and now I would have to cancel them. Silly me, I still think that I have any control over my schedule. But it was supposed to be a mommy day. I was supposed to spend the morning with a friend while the children were at a MOPS program. Later, I was going to an appointment while my friend kept my children. I was certainly looking forward to adult conversation over coffee, a bit of shopping, and maybe a leisurely lunch. Ha!

I woke before the rest of the house and decided, after some quiet time, that it was no time for a pity party. My little girl didn't feel well and she didn't need a grumpy mama to make things worse. So, I prepared myself to be in jammies all day. I was ready for nursing Big Sister and keeping Little Man out of harm's way. Little did I know that the day was going to be so much better than that.

It started when my husband suggested I still take Little Man to the one time MOPS Mom's Morning Out. Well, yeah, why hadn't I thought of that? I would take him there and come back and spend some one on one time with Big Sister. But, it got even better. I called my friend to let her know I had a sick child and I was sorry that we wouldn't be able to spend the morning together after all. And, bless her heart, she actually, said "Why can't she just come with us? I mean I won't kiss her or anything." How can you not love a friend like that?

Not only did our day go on as planned, but my friend showed up with a new coloring book and special crayons for my daughter. She made sure that she felt included in our morning out and helped me out when my bulging belly made things difficult for me.

Later, as I drove home, I thought of how the morning had gone completely as I had NOT expected. Will I ever learn that I don't control my schedule? Apparently not, because I was once again surprised when my husband came home from work early and made dinner.

Indeed, it was an unexpectedly good day. I was reminded of the many blessings that come my way each day especially in the shape of family and friends. That, and the fact that a little attitude adjustment makes all of the difference.

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