I Must Remember This Next December

I found the perfect Advent Calendar. Well, maybe it's not perfect. I was going for something with a picture of the nativity, but that isn't the point.

I found an advent calendar in the shape of a tree. It is three-dimensional and has a little drawer for each of the first twenty four days of December. Inside each drawer is a yummy little chocolate truffle. I intended to cut these in half each day so that Big Sister and Little Man could each have a bite of chocolate. Unfortunately, ha, ha, Big Sister does not like these chocolates. Little Man seems to like them, but he forgets about them by the next day. So, guess who gets to eat them.

That's right. It has become Mama chocolate. I must make a note to buy one of these next year. Um, I mean, I will have to make sure I find one the children like next year. Right, that is what I meant. Maybe.

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dcrmom said...

YUM! No such luck around here. I bought 3 advent calendars, and all 3 of my kids love the chocolate inside. None for Mommy.

But then again, I have a stash of Lindt chocolate truffles upstairs in my closet that no one (not even Hubby) knows about. I know, I'M BAD. But Momma needs her chocolate! ;-)