Um, Say What?

As I put Little Man's pajamas on him this evening, I checked to see how a bug bite he had was doing. I must have said what I was doing aloud, because all of the sudden Big Sister had a question.

"Are there going to be Cheetos outside?"

What? What in the world is that supposed to mean? So, I did what I assume any other mother of a preschooler does and began reviewing the things that had been said and done just moments earlier. Big Sister enunciates well, so it wasn't that I couldn't understand her, it was simply that it made absolutely no sense.

Big Sister knows Cheetos aren't just outside. And the only ones we ever see are at the occasional gourmet restaurant we lunch at sometimes. You know, like the little eating area of Sam's or Target.

Anyways, it dawned on me that quite possibly she meant mosquitoes. And, indeed she did. I quickly explained that we shouldn't have to worry about mosquitoes right now.

It is really no wonder I have no brain cells left to keep up with current events or to remember to buy milk (the one thing I went to get) at the store. I spend too much time trying interpret a preschooler's constantly evolving language. Really, children should come with a language dictionary of sorts. Then, maybe I could save my brain for the really important stuff, like remembering to buy the milk.

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