The Dreaded Diaper Bag

Lately, I've come across a couple of posts that cleverly describe how to make the "mommy bag" work. By the "mommy bag" I mean a purse that is large enough to carry both baby's and mama's essentials. I loved these posts.

I'll have to keep them in mind a few years from now. Today, I'm talking to the rest of us. That is those of us who still need to haul around a diaper bag.

I have two in diapers. And, since all three of my children are three and under, I still carry quite a bit with me. It will get worse before it gets better since I don't yet carry snacks and a cup for Baby Girl.

However, needing to carry a diaper bag is no excuse to be frumpy.

Just say no to bags like this:

And this:

And most definitely this:

If the diaper bag proudly displays a cartoon character, or any character for that matter, do not carry it. If someone gave it to you, it does not matter. Life is too short to carry such silliness.

By the way, you will not be fooling anybody if you carry something like this:
Animals that don't have their own television shows are just as bad as those that do. Again, just say no.

So, what is a mama to do? That's easy. There are plenty of diaper bags that don't look versions of your preschooler's backpack.

Check out this one:

Or, what about this:

Or this:

Or maybe this: (It's less than 20 dollars!)

Look how fun this one is.

Finally, here is the one I'm sporting these days. It might be a tad frumpier than the rest, but it does what I need it to do. I especially love that I can easily fit cups for my older children in the two side mesh pockets.

As you can see, the options are pretty much endless. No, these bags aren't as cute as carrying an over-sized purse, but the over-sized purses will still be there when the diaper days come to an end.

But, if you'd still like to try avoiding the diaper bag (and I'm sure I will make a few tries myself) be sure to check out this post at June Cleaver Nirvana, and this one at Musings of a Housewife.

If you'd like to find out where to buy these bags, just click on the images. Of course, I didn't provide links for the frumpy bags. Did you really think I would?

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Deidre said...

I completely agree! I can't stand anything with characters on it, but especially not a diaper bag. I still have one in diapers (soon to be out, I hope), but I need a bag to carry all my stuff in too. Thanks.

Valarie said...

I agree with the characters. Just because you have a baby does not mean you have to carry stuff that looks like a baby. Even though I have been known to do such things, but they did not have a good selection when mine were babies.

Edi said...

I'm long out of diaper bags (my youngest turns 6 next week)...and to be honest I don't quite recall what all my diaper bags looked like!

But I must agree - the diaper bag carries stuff for the baby - but the mama carries the bag - so why on earth should it look so "cutesy"? I think some of it is manufacturers think they need to tie all baby gear into one theme. You know the bed crib gear matches the curtains that matches the change table that matches the stroller that matches the carseat that matches the diaper bag.

Superchikk said...

As I have a 7 month old, I am right in the middle of this. And I totally agree - I hate diaper bags that are "cutsey". But what's worse is that diaper bags are either too tiny to do any good or too giant to be practical. So here's what I do.

I have a giant one filled with a change of clothes, lots of diapers, all the "extra" stuff you need on hand but don't want to lug around with you. It stays in the car 90% of the time. I have a purse big enough to hold a small pouch with two diapers, a disposable changing pad, a couple of baggies and a small thing of wipes. And if need be I can toss in a paci or a couple of toys. Thus, I eliminate the need to carry said mondo bag.

Also, we were able to find diaper bags nice enough (and not cutsey) so that the little booger can use them when he's older - for an overnight trip or something. Check out the Eddie Bauer stuff at Target.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

The only problem with the pretty bags is they look so much like a purse my husband refuses to carry them. That means if I want him to occasionally go out with the kids w/o me I need a bag that NO ONE can confuse with a purse. = ) Land's End has some really nice bags, also.

Baby Mamma (Tamra) said...

I can't believe all the options available nowadays. So cute! Quite different from when I was first shopping for a diaper bag 11 years ago!
I don't understand mamas who carry a humungous pastel patterned diaper bag AND their regular big purse. I'm too lazy to cart all that around.

Melody said...

I'm comletely out of diaper bag mode, but I do love those options you posted! That first one especially is so cute, I kinda want it for my purse!!

And I hate to admit it, but I really love the Elmo bag - hee hee!! But there's no danger of me actually carrying it.

Darla said...

Y'all are very lucky - 11 years ago (not that long really) there weren't as many cute/fun/hip options as today. Take full advantage and feel GREAT about your purchase!

Sarah said...

Great bags. Wish those were around 10 years ago when I had babies!

Lalena said...

Oh how I wish I had those beautiful bags when mine were small.

I would end up just taking 2 diapers and a bag of wipes. I hated carrying diaper bags!

Now I have somewhat of a purse fetish. The smaller the better!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Great post and terrific bags! I'm with you, I can't stand those frilly, character type diaper bags. I really need to upgrade the bag I'm using now and these are some great options! Thanks!

HRH said...

Oh I like the red one. Outside pockets are a must! Thanks so much for the link. And I couldn't agree more about banishing the animals and cartoon characters from the bags...ugh, it just makes me cringe.

Joy said...

So funny- I am totally with you on the animal/ cartoon thing!

Fussy said...

You won!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

I love amy coe bags. They're at Target sometimes, but for a specific style, I'll look on ebay. I've got a great simple black bag that has easy stroller straps too (that otherwise tuck into the back, so not too noticeable).

The search for the perfect bag is never-ending, but when you find one that is "good enough" for now, it's like a miracle!

Valarie said...