If I didn't act quickly, Little Man was going to need some of Big Sister's bows.


And, after:

He looks like quite the little man now. And yes, he is every bit the trouble that this picture implies.

I love you big guy!

Oh, and we wouldn't want to leave out Big Sister.
She hopped up in that chair like a pro. Then, she promptly stared at her reflection with complete satisfaction. She was quite proud of being a big girl.

I love you too my little princess!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Awww... so sweet. My guys need to be buzzed but the buzzer broke. I've got to buy a new one but I want one of better quality this time. I better act soon, Will has started saying the hair over his ears is bugging him. I'm afraid he might take matters into his own hands before long.

Kelsey Smith said...

What a handsome lil man!