Sunday Night Lessons

I learned a couple of things tonight.

One is that it is a bad idea to leave a binky on Little Man's dresser. This is especially bad if it is in plain sight at bedtime. Despite having gone over 48 hours without a binky, he will want it and will protest loudly when I leave the room with it.

The other is that the Hollywood Movie Association isn't interested in my opinions. At least that is what the lady who called on the association's behalf thinks. She said she needed a moment to get my opinions on some movies coming out later this year. I simply told her I might not be the person to ask since I hadn't seen a movie in years.

That was a slight exaggeration. I did see one of the Bourne movies this past year. The fact that I can't tell you which one it was should clue you in to my lack of movie knowledge. I guess she was wise to hang up.

So, yes, those were the important lessons I learned tonight. Now it is time to get ready for another week, not that I do anything to get ready for another week. Well, except to hope that it doesn't start with a screwdriver melting in the toaster and having to call my neighbor to pull a tick off of me. But that is a story for another day.


Kendra said...

Oh I agree about the movie thing ~ Haven't seen one in forever and really have no desire to.

My monkey is 2 and just recently attached himself to “Pas”. I just dread taking it away....

Lisa said...

I cannot stand going to the movie theater--it's so expensive, you get ripped off for crappy food and the person next to you is usually loud and smelly BUT I go once a year because my husband LOVES the movies. We saw the 'Bourne' movie and it wasn't bad, actually pretty good.
Hope this is a tick-free week :)