Aren't Little Brothers Great? Except When They're Not

Imagine, if you will, that you are a 3-year-old little girl. You are playing in your pink room with your favorite little doll. You've just fed her with her little "juice" bottle and lovingly tucked her in with her little doll blanket. You then occupy yourself with your dress-up jewelry.

Suddenly, your little brother appears at your door. He enters the room with drool dripping from his chin and snot dripping from his nose. (He is teething, not that it matters to you.) You can't help but notice that he somewhat resembles the mean kid from Toy Story.

He walks into your room completely oblivious to your precious doll who is clearly
napping on the floor. He accidentally kicks the doll on his way to see what you are up to. As he reaches the place where you are playing, he yells, "What's that?" and tries to grab some jewelry. Mind you, he doesn't really care about the jewelry, he'd rather play with his toys. However, if you have something, he wants it.

So he gets a fistful of jewelry, and of course, makes it nice and slimy. Nothing like drool and snot to make those plastic pink pearls shine!

You assess the situation and decide, quite understandably, that it is not to your liking. So, you let out a rather loud whine.

But here is the kicker, your lovely mama tells you to shush and "just work it out." She goes on to suggest that you simply tell your brother "No thank you." As if that will stop anything. Couldn't your mama just come and help you out, or at the very least swipe at the boy's nose with a tissue.

Well, you're in luck because your lovely mama actually took the time to play with you in your room. She was in your room to witness this scenario. She now realizes that your little brother really can be quite a challenge. She also had a few flashbacks of her little brother terrorizing her precious little dolls.

She remembers that being a 3-year-old princess isn't as easy as it looks.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Oh so true!!! Big brothers aren't any better about leaving babies and blankets alone either.

Anonymous said...

I nearly cried this was a balled of the daily life with a little brother. Somehow I feel much like the big sister with my little monster...You are a chief of fine words and I am so glad to get to be part of your fan club!

Lisa said...

I think I live on planet weird. My boys do not ever do this kind of stuff, really. Sometimes Spanky, the 18 month old, likes to play with the American Girl accessories but he really plays with them (like pretends to draw with the art board).
My older son likes his cars more and does not even pay attention to his sisters' stuff. (If he wants to be around the girls, he brings his toys to play.)
And my both my sons have their own doll babies they carry around sometimes.
Now once my older daughter brought her American Girl to a friend's house and the little SISTER tried to take it and cut her hair...

Lisa said...

I forgot to add the girls wanted brothers, both times....again I think this is planet weird ;)
I'm sorry you had to deal with this growing up :(

HRH said...

Life is so difficult for the oldest. I don't think we give them enough credit sometimes. Great post...