A True Conversation

Little Man and Big Sister think getting the mail is quite fun. It's probably because that is sometimes our only venture out other than the backyard.

I generally try to give them each a piece of junk mail. I'm nice like that.

After getting the mail today, Little Man watched Big Sister open her envelope. He had a little postcard advertisement.

"Help me," he said as he handed me his postcard.

"It doesn't open," I said knowing he wanted his mail to open even though it was just a piece of paper.

Repeat the above phrases 3,652 and a half times.

I was half way through saying it doesn't open for the 3,653rd* time when I had an idea.

I tore the paper a bit and asked if that was good.

"Thanks," Little Man said.

Mama to the rescue once more.

*I haven't the slightest idea if you can write a number like that. But, since I'm too lazy to look it up, it will have to do. I'm pretty sure you can still get the point.

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