You Don't Have to Convince Me

Today, as I roamed around the blogging world, I stumbled upon the Org Junkie's Monthly Organizing Round-up. I say count me in!

My husband affectionately, (at least I think so) calls me the most disorganized, organized person he knows. This is so very true. Therefore, I will certainly be able to find something to organize each month. In fact, I'll probably look forward to it. I likely won't stick with keeping it completely organized, but hey, maybe she'll do this again next year.

The first month involves picking something in the kitchen to organize. I know exactly what I'll do. This should be exciting--for no one but me and the few others who like to make organizing somewhat of a hobby.

Unfortunately, this organizing might drive my husband crazy as he'll have to figure out where I've decided to store things for the week. Actually, he should be safe for the first month as I'll be working on organizing the spice cabinet. I'm pretty sure he only ever reaches for salt or pepper.

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Org Junkie said...

Thanks so much for wanting to participate! Every month will be a new space to organize, you can so do this!