Vacuuming Stairs

Okay, I'm hoping for some comments on this because I could use the help.

We've recently moved to a house with two stories. This obviously means stairs. They are seen right as you enter the front door and they are dirty.

I've tried using my Dyson and all its various attachments, but nothing seems to work that well. I suppose if I could maneuver the vacuum and use it upright, it might do okay, but I don't have the time or patience for that.

Is there anything else that works to get stairs dirt and crumb free?

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Amanda said...

We have a small shop vac that I can carry. It is loud but does the job and I can use the attachments from my vacuum.

husband said...

Why don't you just get your husband to do it.

Edi said...

Here's what we do. We have a little hand vacuum - Dirt 8 yr old can use it and she does the stairs. It doesn't get into all the nooks and crannies so every once in a while I do that w/the attachment on my regular vacuum cleaner.

A stiff broom will also work to brush off the steps...must be stiff and you need to use some force - but I have done it when I'm in a hurry or too lazy to take out the vacuum.

Melanie said...

Depends on if your stairs have carpet or not. Ours do and the Dyson works. I just use the hose without any attachments. If the stairs are wood, use a broom or maybe a damp dust mop.

Mama Russell said...

First off, I am glad to hear the ideas you have gotten because I have the same problem. Secondly, "husband's" answer made me laugh! I am glad there are guys out there like your hubby and mine who have a great sense of humor.

Kim said...

I too use a small dirt devil with a beater brush and my 10yr old - hubby won't fall for it anymore LOL