Bad Start, Good Finish

This day didn't begin as one of my better days. I wasn't exactly a good example of a mother. I was more of the non-example. I'll leave it at that.

After a long day and a quick dinner, Daddy headed out to spend time with friends. I'll admit that I dreaded the two hours until bedtime.

The three of us went upstairs. I folded laundry while Big Sister and Little Man played in another room. But, after folding the first towel, I felt convicted. I remembered that the laundry will ALWAYS be there no matter what I do.

So, I stopped after folding that one towel. I tossed it on top of the basket of clean, unfolded clothes. Then, I walked into Little Man's bedroom where the fun was happening.

As we played with Tinker Toys, cars, pillows, balls, and everything else they could find, Big Sister asked me why I was playing with them. Ouch.

I reflected on that for a second while I simply told her that it was because I wanted to play with them. Her question made me realize that I need to get my priorities straight.

Before we knew it, it was time for Little Man to go to bed. Rather than rush him through his routine, I chose to read several books to him and rock him a bit longer than usual.

Then, Big Sister and I headed downstairs so that I could finally teach her how to play Memory. We used a fraction of the cards and she did great. We each savored some hot chocolate as we played. Afterwards, it was time for coloring. Again, before we knew it, it was time for her to go to bed.

We read some new books. They were longer than our usual nighttime reads. Then, thanks to one of the new stories, I spent quite a bit of time convincing her that midnight was not going to come and "get her" tonight. But, that is another story for another time. We prayed and sang and it was finally time for a little peace and quiet.

As I came downstairs, I saw the empty mugs stained with hot chocolate. Paper and stickers were still scattered on the table and the Memory game sat on the kitchen counter. I couldn't help but smile and be thankful that the day ended on a much better note than it started. I also thought that the peace and quiet that I'd been waiting for, may be just a tad overrated.


Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Isn't that so true? Loved this post. Give me tinker toy memories over folded laundry any day!

Becky said...

Boy does this speak to me! A great reminder of enjoying time with the kids more and barking orders less. I had already planned to bake some cookies with the kids tonight as a speacial treat. I'm most certainly going to follow through with this now and then snuggle up with them for a movie or a book later. Thanks for the great post!