Party Day and a Deeper Thought

Today was a big day for Big Sister. She went to her first actual birthday party. Now, she has been to birthday parties before, but they've either been for family or one-year-olds. I say those don't count. This one involved a little girl who chose to invite her. (We'll overlook the fact that the little girl's mom happens to be my best friend.)

Fortunately, I remembered earlier this week to prep Big Sister for the fact that she would NOT be opening presents. She told me that was okay and she would just help Little Man open his presents at his next birthday. (We'll have to see what he says about that come May.) As promised, she didn't attempt to open one gift. She had a great time playing games and making crafts. The ice cream was a hit as was the icing on the cake. She isn't much into the actual cake.

But, the ironic part of the morning was that I think I had a better time than she did. Despite the fact that I didn't get to make a craft, play a game, eat cake, or take home a treat bag, I had a marvelous time. The reason for this was the pure joy I saw on my daughter's face as she enjoyed the party and the fellowship of the other children. I wish I'd taken my camera to capture some of her bright smiles. I've already captured in my heart the feeling when she paused during a game to smile at me and pat me on the leg. It was as though on some level, she knew what I was thinking and was saying she was glad to be there with me too.

So, now, I sit here wondering if that isn't exactly how God feels about us a lot of the time. It must make Him feel so good to see us enjoy His many blessings. But, I must also ask myself, when was the last time I looked to God and just acknowledged Him and said thanks?

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