Creative Cleaning

I suppose one would call it creative cleaning if say, while two children colored at the kitchen table, one decided that she needed a cleaning rag. She might get that rag and use it to dry the table still damp from mama cleaning it after lunch. The mama would probably tell her that it was a good idea and thanks for helping.

The other child might follow suit, only this one might decide the table would get cleaner if he dipped the rag in the dog's water bowl first. The other, though older and knowing better, just might also get her rag wet. They might then take advantage of the fact that mama still thinks they are coloring (as it has been a whole two minutes since she checked on them) and continue to dip their rags into the dog water bowl and "clean" things around the house.

Once mama discovers that the rags are being used for purposes other than those intended, she might decide it is time to tell them to put them away. Of course, in the process, the phone may ring and mama just might answer it. As she becomes distracted by the terribly important phone conversation about preparations for her friend's daughter's upcoming birthday party, she might forget about the rags.

If she did forget about the rags, it is quite possible that the two children would continue to "clean" the house with dog slobber water. It is also quite possible that when the mama realizes the conversation needs to end, the children would both be putting the wet rags into their mouths for reasons unknown.

The mama then just might decide it would be better to go straight to nap time rather than take disciplinary measures. After all, she probably couldn't help but notice that her floors do look quite a bit cleaner.


Denitra's Den said...

Too funny! They do say a dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans - if that's any consolation!

Cammie said...

That makes me laugh!