Is it Time?

Oh, why do I torture myself so? I've been analyzing every twinge and pain thinking that maybe, just maybe this baby will surprise us before its due date and weigh in less than eight pounds. It might, but if history repeats itself it won't.

Our second baby came later than our first, and while we won't let this one go much past the due date, it would probably like to, just to show up the first two.

But, knowing in my head that this baby will likely be late does not stop me from encouraging it to make its debut. I've been walking mile after mile on the treadmill and ingesting massive amounts of spicy food. I suppose I'm a glutton for punishment or at least heartburn.

The ironic thing is, as much as I want to meet this baby, a big part of me is still trying to hold on to these days of just the four of us. Change is like that. It can be so exciting and terrifying at the same time. Not to mention the fact that my children are going to outnumber my hands and I'm pretty sure that isn't good for the general public.

Oh, I'm so excited to meet this little one, but just like when Little Man was born, I wanted to hold on to my baby (Big Sister) for just a few more moments. Of course, I'm learning that they will always be my babies regardless of size or birth order.

So, now, I'm trying to enjoy each moment and not long for the next. But, I must emphasize the word trying because in the middle of playing or cleaning, I am completely aware of any small ache and I wonder if maybe, just maybe...

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Tara Lee said...

How exciting that you are expecting your third child! I'll pray for a quick and easy delivery!! Cherish this time - it's precious...