Good Morning

As I sat in the living room, I heard the sweet sound of Big Sister's footsteps. I just knew she was coming downstairs to wish me a good morning and give me a big hug. I was wrong.

Instead, I got a little girl asking, no make that begging for candy. It was truly the first thing that came out of her mouth. Not a "Good morning," but a "may I please have some candy."

Of course, I did the parental duty of saying no and explaining that we don't eat candy in the morning. That got me a little girl who threw herself on the floor and tried to have a fit.

Oh, a good morning indeed!

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dcrmom said...

Ah yes. I know that tantrum well. Of course, this coming from a mom who just gave her daughter a Hershey Kiss to start her day. Hm. Maybe I should say "no" more often. ;-)