Another Due Date Has Come and Gone

In less than two hours, this baby's due date will become yesterday. You would think I'd be used to this, with both Big Sister and Little Man being born after their due dates. However, this isn't the case. I've been holding on to the hope that this one would be on time or even early. Apparently, our babies take after their late mama and not their punctual dada.

I'd like to say that the third time is a charm and I'm handling the waiting game with such grace. I want to say I'm savoring every moment of my last pregnancy while enjoying as much time as possible with my husband and children before things get even busier.

The truth is that I'm emotional and even angry some of the time. I want to meet this baby, but I don't feel ready for the responsiblity of three children. I'm fretting about the things I feel I should do to prepare for the baby's arrival. Meanwhile, I'm feeling guilty about not spending that time with my husband and children. It is a vicious cycle.

I'll feel embarassed a week or two from now when the baby is in my arms and pregnancy is a thing of the past. I'll think of how silly I was to be so impatient, yet nervous about the baby's arrival. Until then, I'll be praying for the grace to truly savor this precious time. Oh, and I'll definitely be enjoying the funny looks I get when people ask when I'm due and I get to tell them yesterday.

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Gettysburg Mom said...

All three of my kids were late... and it's tough. Hang in there! My third is 7 mos. now and as you said, all the emotional-hormone fueled thoughts of the last weeks of pregnancy are memory... and it's getting easier to enjoy all 3 kids. Good luck!