Socks, Shoes, Whatever

"Do you have Little Man's shoes?" asked my husband, this morning as we arrived at church.

"Um, nope. Do you?" I asked.


At first, I got a little frustrated with myself. Then, I just shrugged. There isn't any point in looking like we have it all together when we rarely do.

But then, as I pushed the stroller into church, I remembered something.

A couple of weeks ago, we were leaving a MOPS meeting. I had just put Little Man in his car seat when his shoe fell off. It bounced off my shin right into the storm drain. (I won't mention that they were his good shoes and they were new. That is a given when things like that happen.)

So, technically, he wasn't entirely shoeless. He possibly still had a shoe floating around the drainage system under the parking lot. All I needed to do was search the drain and then have Little Man hop on the one foot in a shoe.

I let him wear his socks.

They went quite well with his overalls that refused to stay snapped.

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