Getting All Domestic

After finding this blog, I was inspired to make our house a bit more of a home. I was especially excited to find that she and others manage to be extremely frugal while creating beautiful homes.

I took a little tour of our local Good Will.

This is what I found.

I'm most excited about the mirror. It will look just right hanging in the hallway upstairs.

As for the serving bowl, I'm a sucker for anything black and white, so I couldn't help myself.

The small glass pitcher is just right for little hands to use. And, the green bowl will look lovely holding jewelry or spare change.

Finally, the yellow apron just makes me smile. It is the only thing that didn't come from the thrift store. But, it cost less that three dollars at Target, so I figure is should count.

Did you notice our sweet dog in the mirror? Poor Buck is the best if somewhat neglected dog. Being the only beast in a crowd of little children isn't always easy.

That's it. Now I just have to sweetly ask Tony to hang the mirror and I'll promise to watch the kiddos instead of letting them "help" with the drill.

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