I Should Know Better

I'm usually the first to admit I rarely have things together. I'm beginning to accept that. I'm outnumbered, what can I say?

So, I was truly relishing the moment tonight as we left swim lessons. I had managed to take all three kiddos with me to Ann's lesson. We didn't have any major mishaps. In fact, I was giving myself quite the pat on my back as I pushed the stroller to the car.

That was a mistake.

I put Chris in the van first. Then, I came back to the sidewalk to get Jane out of the stroller. That is when I got quite the surprise.

Ann was standing on the sidewalk na*ked. She had taken off her swimsuit and was getting ready to put on her clothes. (Apparently my little talks about modesty and her body being special are really sinking in.)

I get to take the kids by myself to Ann's last swim lesson tomorrow. No matter how well it goes, I will not give myself a mental pat on the back. Oh, and Ann goes in the van first.

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