Sitting in the Sun

Well, really this isn't about sitting in the sun. The infamous "they" say it is bad for you. However, this a post about sitting and the sun, just not necessarily in that order.

Happy Longest Day of the Year! Are you celebrating? I am.

Am I celebrating because we get extra hours of daylight in which to frolic?

No, I am not.

I am celebrating because we now get to watch the days shorten. Yes, I said I am celebrating because we get to watch the days shorten and the cold weather approach. Well, after the dog days of August that will soon be upon us, but whatever.

You see, I can only hope that the shorter days will come with children who sleep past dawn. We've tried sound machines and blocking the light. But, for one certain little guy, nothing makes a difference.

So again, Happy Longest Day of the Year! I hope you are celebrating for different reasons.

Now, on to sitting. Guess who is trying to sit?

First it was rolling from her belly to her back. Then, on Thursday, she started rolling from her back to her belly. I told myself that was just fine because it wasn't like she was sitting. She was still a tiny baby. (All 16+ pounds of her.)

So, for fun this morning, I sat her up to see what she would do. Instead of fall on her face like she had been doing, she tried to prop herself up on her sweet little hands. She is getting big too fast.

But, isn't she the cutest?

Way to go little one! We are so thankful to the Lord for you. May this only be the beginning of many accomplishments all for His glory.

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