Real Names

Okay, for a while now, I've been feeling silly being known as fullheartandhands mama. Also, it is a very loooooooooong name and I'm tired of typing it.

So, from now on I'll be Lizz. I think it works. After all, it is my name. Well, technically it is Elizabeth, but remember, I'm tired of typing long names.

As for my kiddos, I won't be using their real names. However, I'll be using actual human names. I've yet to meet anyone named Big Sister, Little Man, or Baby Girl.

So, may I introduce...

Ann, formerly known as Big Sister.

Chris, formerly known as Little Man.
And last, but not least, Jane, formerly known as Baby Girl.
For now, I'll have to stick to calling my husband the daddy or Hubs. I've never, not once, ever, called him Hubs in real life, but it will have to work for now. I figure I should probably ask him before I share his name.

That's it for now. Happy Monday!

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