The One About Nothing

This is the week where, if we make it to the end with out any major meltdowns, (and I include myself in that) we'll be doing good.

Yesterday was the only day we didn't have to leave the house by 8:45 a.m. That alone makes me somewhat twitchy. Anyone who regularly gets small children out the door in the morning has my admiration.

Starting tomorrow morning, we'll spend the rest of this week's mornings at our church's version of VBS. We'll be spending the evenings at Ann's swim lessons. But, don't expect any pictures (Mom, I write that for you).

My camera never recovered from it's little experience of being left in the rain. My old camera has been dropped too many times to count, so it is a bit unreliable on good days.

Right about now is when it would be really handy to be a well-read blog like this one. Then, I could probably get a camera for free as long as I promised to review it or host a giveaway. Sigh.

As it stands now, I may have to buy a disposable camera and hope for the best. But, I guess if a broken camera is my biggest concern, I'm doing quite well.

You'll just have to take my word for it that Ann and Chris looked pretty darn cute wearing Mr. Potato head glasses and hats.

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